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3D Mesh (Standard Tessellation Language File), 2.23 MB
STL of ilium
ilium, Right
derivative file

Derived from TIFF stacks shared by MNHN

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Specimen Information

Specimen: mnhn:f:mae126, Triadobatrachus
Specimen taxonomy: Triadobatrachus
Element: Illium
Institution: Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France

Media Group Information

Description: CT scan of Triadobatrachus
Notes: The raw tomography data remain property of the MNHN, and they are available upon request through the ‘colhelper’ system ( ).
Is this media copyrighted?: Yes
Copyright permission: Person loading media owns copyright and grants permission for use of media on MorphoSource
Copyright license: Attribution- CC BY-NC-SA - reuse here and applied to future uses but noncommercial
Copyright Holder: Musem National d'Histoire Naturelle
Facility: Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
X res: 0.0622 mm
Y res: 0.0622 mm
Z res: 0.0622 mm
Voltage: 145 kv
Amperage: 420 µa
Exposure Time: 1 sec
Projections: 18000
Frame averaging: 1
Wedge: air
Scanner calibrations: shading correction, flux normalization, geometric calibration
Technicians: Daniel Paluh
Media created on: November 17 2018 at 17:03:07
Media last modified on: December 8 2018 at 16:12:53