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Derived From

CT scan of uf-herp-28288
uf:herp:28288, Kassina senegalensis rwandae

Specimen Information

Specimen: uf:herp:28288, Kassina senegalensis rwandae
Specimen taxonomy: Kassina senegalensis rwandae
Institution: University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, Florida, United States

Media Group Information

Description: CT scan of uf-herp-28288
Grant support: oVert Thematic Collections Network (TCN), NSF DBI-1701714
Facility: Florida Museum of Natural History Herpetology
X res: 0.03847884 mm
Y res: 0.03847884 mm
Z res: 0.03847884 mm
Voltage: 100 kv
Amperage: 150 µa
Watts: 15 W
Projections: 1200
Frame averaging: 3
Wedge: air
Scanner calibrations: No calibrations are listed
Technicians: Ed Stanley
Media created on: March 28 2019 at 16:45:23
Media last modified on: August 8 2019 at 15:50:02