Specimen: FMNH:PR:2499, Beelzebufo ampinga



Susan E. Evans, Joseph R. Groenke, Marc E. H. Jones, Alan H. Turner, David W. Krause. 2014. New Material of Beelzebufo, a Hyperossified Frog (Amphibia: Anura) from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar. PLoS ONE.

Specimen Information

MorphoSource Identifier: S1297
Reference Source: Vouchered
Occurrence ID: An occurence ID has not yet been identified or created for this specimen and it has not been integrated with iDigBio

Description: partial right maxilla

Geologic Age: Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)

Locality: MAD93-34
Coordinates: available upon request
Locality geologic age: Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)

Institution: The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL, USA

Specimen Media

M4744, 2 files
FMNH PR 2499
(Right) (maxilla)