Specimen: WITS-Malapa-U.W. 88-148, Australopithecus sediba


Specimen Information

MorphoSource Identifier: S3458
Type: Yes
Sex: Male
Occurrence ID: An occurence ID has not yet been identified or created for this specimen and it has not been integrated with iDigBio

Description: 1st rib of juvenile male individual Malapa Hominin 1 (MH1), holotype specimen of Australopithecus sediba from Malapa, South Africa

Notes: Laser surface scan collected by D. Garcia-Martinez

Geologic Age: Pleistocene
Absolute Age: 1.977 Ma

Institution: Evolutionary Studies Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Specimen Media

M8785, 1 file
Surface scan of U.W. 88-148