Specimen: uf:herp:175572, Acrantophis dumerili

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Specimen Information

MorphoSource Identifier: S20933
Type: Yes
Sex: Female
Occurrence ID: 3e393b5b-c151-43eb-914c-39b547d63ff8

Notes: imported from iDigBio. uuid:d2fb71c4-ba04-4c04-ba00-8d27b19a7954 Occurrence ID:3e393b5b-c151-43eb-914c-39b547d63ff8

Locality: big cypress national preserve, midway campground, entrance, 0.23 mi s

Institution: University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, Florida, United States

Specimen Media

M38529, 2 files
MicroCT volume and derivatives of uf:herp:175572, Acrantophis dumerili