Specimen: uvsc:vasc:16420, Chenopodium album

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Specimen Information

MorphoSource Identifier: S24194
Reference Source: Vouchered
Occurrence ID: 19676

Link to specimen in home repository: http://intermountainbiota.org/portal/collections/individual/index.php?occid=3379801

Description: Pollen from specimen of Chenopodium album. Sample sieved, acetolysed and mounted in 97% 2,2'-thiodiethanol, then scanned with laser scanning confocal microscope (488nm laser, 63x objective).

Notes: University of Reading herbarium specimen P00 03852

Locality: n of mahomet, nettie hart memorial woods.

Institution: University of Reading, Reading, U.K.

Specimen Media

M45168, 2 files
Pollen of Chenopodium album (Amaranthaceae)