Specimen: CUMV:fish:78507, Strongylura fluviatilis

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Specimen Information

MorphoSource Identifier: S7328
Type: Yes
Occurrence ID: http://arctos.database.museum/guid/cumv:fish:78507?seid=2163057

Link to specimen in home repository: http://arctos.database.museum/guid/CUMV:Fish:78507

Notes: imported from iDigBio. uuid:cca07e41-a6c1-4013-9a0c-d30a0da68822 Occurrence ID:http://arctos.database.museum/guid/cumv:fish:78507?seid=2163057

Locality: along shore of r. onzolle, ~20 minutes by canoe upstream from confluence with r. cayapas (steve's lodge); rio cayapas

Institution: Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates, Ithaca, NY

Specimen Media

M16720, 1 file
Strongylura fluviatilis -Images/ slice data/ log file