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Organizations represent institutions, departments, collections, facilities, labs, and other groups that manage, house, and curate physical objects or imaging devices. An organization describes whatever bureaucratic entity is responsible for setting policies for access to physical objects or devices. Typically, organizations are collections or departments within an institution, but in some cases they can also be an entire larger institution or a specific smaller lab within a collection or department. Users affiliated with the collection, institution, or other entity associated with an organization can directly manage that organization, enabling some level of access control over physical objects or imaging devices connected to the organization. Please contact the MorphoSource admins to discuss managing an organization.

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Parent Institution Organization Name Institution Codes Collection Codes Type Media Objects Devices
Des Moines University Display all details of Laboratory of Rachel H. Dunn l-rhd Collection and Scanning Facility 89 48 1
Dartmouth College Display all details of Dartmouth Department of Anthropology dc Collection and Scanning Facility 11 10 2
Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda Display all details of Peces Fósiles unefm pf Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 1 1 0
Universidade de Lisboa Display all details of Centro de Arqueologia ul aro Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 3 1 0
Monash University Display all details of Justin Adams Laboratory Scanning Facility 594 362 2
Freedspace Display all details of Thinglab Scanning Facility 16 5 1
Bruker MicroCT Display all details of Bruker MicroCT Scanning Facility 112 58 1
Aarhus University Hospital Display all details of Aarhus University Hospital auh Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 0 0 0
Université d'Antananarivo Display all details of Département de Biologie Animale Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 1 1 0
Oregon State University Display all details of Oregon State Ichthyology Collection os fishes Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 352 146 0
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