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Organizations represent institutions, departments, collections, facilities, labs, and other groups that manage, house, and curate physical objects or imaging devices. An organization describes whatever bureaucratic entity is responsible for setting policies for access to physical objects or devices. Typically, organizations are collections or departments within an institution, but in some cases they can also be an entire larger institution or a specific smaller lab within a collection or department. Users affiliated with the collection, institution, or other entity associated with an organization can directly manage that organization, enabling some level of access control over physical objects or imaging devices connected to the organization. Please contact the MorphoSource admins to discuss managing an organization.

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Parent Institution Organization Name Institution Codes Collection Codes Type Media Objects Devices
Denver Museum of Nature & Science, USA Display all details of DMNS Vertebrate Paleontology Collection dmns, dmnh epv Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 273 118 0
University of Witwatersrand Display all details of Evolutionary Studies Institute wits, bp lesedi chamber, 1, dinaledi, malapa, a, cet, lsm Collection and Scanning Facility 825 505 2
University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute Display all details of KUBI Paleobotany Collection ku kupb Collection and Scanning Facility 5 4 1
Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano Display all details of Sezione di Paleontologia msnm bes sc Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 3 2 0
Università di Bologna Display all details of Laboratorio di Antropologia Fisica Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali UNIBO LabAntro Collection and Scanning Facility 434 150 1
University of Zurich Display all details of Palaeontological Institute and Museum pimuz, pmz Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 148 87 0
Harvard University Display all details of MCZ Vertebrate Paleontology mcz vp Collection and Scanning Facility 152 38 3
The Natural History Museum Display all details of Natural History Museum (London) Collection Specimens nhm-uk, nhmuk, bmnh r, invertebrate zoology, ls reptiles, zoology, pal, zoo, ls amphibians Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 5379 888 0
Southern Methodist University Display all details of Shuler Museum of Paleontology SMU Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 7 6 0
The Natural History Museum, London Display all details of NHMUK Life Sciences Mammal Section NHMUK ZD, ZE, GMCM, ZC, GERM Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 146 92 0
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