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Organizations represent institutions, departments, collections, facilities, labs, and other groups that manage, house, and curate physical objects or imaging devices. An organization describes whatever bureaucratic entity is responsible for setting policies for access to physical objects or devices. Typically, organizations are collections or departments within an institution, but in some cases they can also be an entire larger institution or a specific smaller lab within a collection or department. A user team can be linked to an organization, enabling some level of access control over physical objects housed in that organization. Please contact the MorphoSource admins to discuss linking your user team to an organization.

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Parent Institution Organization Name Institution Codes Collection Codes Type Media Objects
Personal Collection of Jean-Louis Pellouin Display all details of Personal Collection of Jean-Louis Pellouin pc-jlp cm Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 4 1
Duke University Display all details of Laboratory of Jenny Tung l-jt kmp Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 138 36
Magyar Dinoszaurusz-kutató Expedíció [Hungarian Dinosaur Expedition] Display all details of Collection of the Hungarian Dinosaur Expedition MDE Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 4 4
Museo de La Plata Display all details of Sección Mastozoología mlp Museum, Department, or Lab Collection 0 0
Avonix Imaging Display all details of Avonix Imaging Scanning Facility 0 0
Illinois State Museum Display all details of Illinois State Museum Imaging Lab Scanning Facility 0 0
Baker Hughes Display all details of GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies / phoenix|x-ray Scanning Facility 0 0
Cornell University Display all details of Cornell University Biotechnology Resource Center Scanning Facility 0 0
University of Queensland Display all details of UQ VETS Small Animal Hospital Scanning Facility 0 0
I-MED Radiology Armidale Display all details of I-MED Radiology Scanning Facility 0 0
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