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Display all details of micro CT scans of Cretaceous amber A collection of raw CT reconstruction stacks. These scans are of suspected volant tetrapods in Cretaceous amber from the archive 1 1
Display all details of Modified skulls but conservative brains? The palaeoneurology and endocranial anatomy of baryonychine dinosaurs (Theropoda: Spinosauridae) Chris Tijani Barker, Darren Naish, Jacob Trend, Lysanne Veerle Michels, Lawrence M. Witmer, Ryan C. Ridgley, Katy Rankin, Claire E. Clarkin, Philipp Schneider, and Neil J. Gostling The digital reconstruction of neurocranial endocasts has elucidated the gross brain structure and potential ecological attributes of many fossil taxa, including Irritator, a spinosaurine spinosaurid from the “mid” Cretaceous (Aptian) of Brazil. With unexceptional hearing capabilities, this taxon was inferred to integrate rapid and controlled pitch-down movements of the head that perhaps aided in the predation of small and agile prey such as fish. However, the neuroanatomy of baryonychine spinosaurids remains to be described, and potentially informs the condition of early spinosaurids. Using micro-computed tomographic scanning (μCT), we reconstruct the braincase endocasts of Baryonyx walkeri and Ceratosuchops inferodios from the Wealden Supergroup (Lower Cretaceous) of England. We show that the gross endocranial morphology is similar to other non-maniraptoriform theropods, and corroborates previous observations of overall endocranial conservatism amongst more basal theropods. Several differences of unknown taxonomic utility are noted between the pair. Baryonychine neurosensory capabilities include low frequency hearing and unexceptional olfaction, whilst the differing morphology of the floccular lobe tentatively suggests less developed gaze stabilisation mechanisms relative to spinosaurines. Given the morphological similarities observed with other basal tetanurans, baryonychines likely possessed similar behavioural sophistication, suggesting that the transition from terrestrial hypercarnivorous ancestors to semi-aquatic “generalists” during the evolution of Spinosauridae did not require substantial modification of the brain and sensory systems. 14 2
Display all details of Bishop et al. (2023) Dimetrodon 3D models This project contains 3D mesh files of Dimetrodon specimens used to analyze shoulder joint mobility in the study "Intelligent sampling of high-dimensional joint mobility space for analysis of articular function," by P.J. Bishop, R.J. Brocklehurst and S.E. Pierce, published in 2023 in the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution, vol. 14, pp. 569–582 (DOI: 10.1111/2041-210X.14016). Please cite this publication if you use the mesh files in your own work. The raw CT scans and photographs used to generate the models are held in the Vertebrate Paleontology collection of the Museum of Comparative Zoology (Harvard University), and are available upon a request made to the collections manager. 7 3
Display all details of Majungasaurus crenatissimus - FMNH PR 2278 Associated cranial (both premaxillae, both maxillae, left jugal, left quadratojugal, left ectopterygoid, left quadrate, left surangular, left angular, left prearticular, and left articular), and postcranial (two fragmentary cervical neural arches, three fragmentary dorsal vertebrae, one fragmentary caudal vertebra, left scapulocoracoid, partial left ilium, left femur, left and fragmentary right tibiae, left and partial right fibulae, left astragalocalcaneum, left metatarsals II-IV, right pedal phalanges II-1 and IV-2, and left pedal phalanges IV-2 and IV-3) elements of large near-adult. see Krause, D. W., Sampson, S. D., Carrano, M. T., & O'Connor, P. M. (2007). Overview of the history of discovery, taxonomy, phylogeny, and biogeography of Majungasaurus crenatissimus (Theropoda: Abelisauridae) from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 27(S2), 1-20. O'Connor, Patrick 40 1
Display all details of Dormice (Gliridae) MicroCT data of both fossil and extant dormouse skulls and mandibles. 274 142
Display all details of Extant turtles Heather Smith 1 1
Display all details of Permo-Triassic burrows from eolian dunes of southern Brazil The files present in this project are related to the manuscript entitled "Burrows provided shelter for tetrapods in a Permo-Triassic desert" and authored by Francischini, H, Dentzien-Dias, P, Battista, F, Sipp, GS, Melo, TP, Scherer, CMS and Schultz, CL. Francischini, H. 2 1
Display all details of Skulls From the Collection Skulls from the museum collection, including various species. 0 0
Display all details of Discovery Trunk - Skulls (Red) List of Specimens in the Trunk Skull 1 - Groundhog Skull 2 - Coyote Skull 3 - Virginia Opossum Skull 4 - Groundhog Skull 5 - American Badger Skull 6 - Gray Fox Skull 7 - North American Raccoon Skull 8 - Bulldog Skull 9 - Red Fox Skull 10 - White-Tailed Deer Skull 11 - Domestic Pig Skull 12 - American Badger Skull 13 - North American Raccoon Skull 14 - Virginia Opossum Skull 15 - American Black Bear Skull 16 - American Mink Hefner Museum of Natural History 30 16
Display all details of Dave Green palaeosurface Textured scans of Impressions 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 from the palaeosurface Groenewald, David 4 4
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