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Media are grouped by projects created by users. Projects tend to contain media tied together by a theme. A project might represent the dataset for a single peer-reviewed paper, the results of a collections digitization project, or data for a digital lesson plan.

Projects can be used to share media ownership and access between project members, and projects can also be used to publish assortments of media and specimens for access and discovery by the public. If you want to share media ownership and access with multiple users across multiple projects, consider creating a user team. Projects can be managed by teams, and users with access to that team also gain access to any projects managed by that team.

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Display all details of Astroconodon petrosal Simone Hoffmann 5 3
Display all details of The middle Miocene La Venta fauna, Colombia This project contains CT-scans from fossil specimens of the middle Miocene La Venta fauna, in Colombia Carrillo, Juan D. 1 1
Display all details of Genyornis newtoni palaeopathology Two fossils of Genyornis newtoni (Aves, Dromornithidae) from Lake Callabonna, which show signs of bone infection. McInerney, Phoebe 4 2
Display all details of Macropod tarsals Astragali and calcanea of large macropods (>10kg) used as a training sample for 3D geometric morphometric analysis and machine learning classification Mein, Erin 167 89
Display all details of Evers. 2023. 3D models of the mandible of Glyptops ornatus, AMNH FARB 336 This project is a collection of 3D models of the mandible of Glyptops ornatus (AMNH FARB 336). The project is currently intened for review purposes, until the associated manuscript is accepted for publication. Serjoscha Evers 15 1
Display all details of Peramelemorphia postcrania Calcanea and ulnae of Peramelemorphia (bandicoots and bilbies). Mein, Erin 70 70
Display all details of Synapsid tracks with skin impressions illuminate the terrestrial tetrapod diversity in the earliest Permian of equatorial Pangea Lower Permian deposits of the Boskovice Basin in the Czech Republic have long been renowned for extraordinarily abundant specimens of discosauriscid seymouriamorphs, some of which show exceptional preservation, including extensive soft tissues. The only other tetrapods from the strata are represented by rare temnospondyls. However, recent fieldwork in the Asselian (lowermost Permian) of the Boskovice Basin has yielded a diverse assemblage of tetrapod tracks, illuminating a hidden terrestrial tetrapod diversity. Here, we describe well-preserved isolated tracks, manus-pes couples, and a block of trackways composed of approximately 25 tracks in at least four different directions belonging to early-diverging, or ‘pelycosaur-grade’, synapsids. The material originates from three localities situated within the Letovice and Padochov formations and is assignable to the ichnotaxon Dimetropus. The best-preserved specimen further shows rare skin impressions, which have not been observed from the hands or feet of early-diverging mammal-line amniotes before. The new material adds to the scarce record of synapsids from the Carboniferous/Permian transitional interval of equatorial Pangea. At the same time, it highlights the significance of the ichnological record of the Boskovice Basin, which has long been neglected despite offering evidence for the presence of diverse faunal components that have not been reported from these deposits before. Department of Geology and Paleontology, Moravian Museum Nosek, Vojtech 5 5
Display all details of Laboury et al. 3D models of Triassic eosauropterygians 3D models based on Laser and white light scanners of skulls, mandibles and long bones of Triassic eosauropterygians (Mesozoic marine reptiles). Antoine Laboury 23 21
Display all details of Invert-Paleo-Echinodermata Specimens are part of the Columbia University Collection donated to AMNH-IP Bushra Hussaini 9 7
Display all details of Kirtlandia Research Internship, Summer 2023 - Shark teeth CLEV Vertebrate Paleontology Majewski, Hailey 21 20
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