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Media are grouped by projects created by users. Projects tend to contain media tied together by a theme. A project might represent the dataset for a single peer-reviewed paper, the results of a collections digitization project, or data for a digital lesson plan.

Projects can be used to share media ownership and access between project members, and projects can also be used to publish assortments of media and specimens for access and discovery by the public. If you want to share media ownership and access with multiple users across multiple projects, consider creating a user team. Projects can be managed by teams, and users with access to that team also gain access to any projects managed by that team.

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Display all details of Evers. 2020. Cranial CT scans of Pleurosternon bullockii Please note related publications: 1. Evers SW, Rollot Y, Joyce WG. 2020. Cranial osteology of the Early Cretaceous turtle Pleurosternon bullockii (Paracryptodira: Pleurosternidae) PeerJ 8:e9454 31 1
Display all details of Cercopithecus dryas This MorphoSource project contains CT scan data of specimens studied in Gilbert et al. (2021) "Morphological analysis of new Dryas Monkey specimens from the central Congo Basin: taxonomic considerations and an emended diagnosis" published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.24278 Biren Patel 5 3
Display all details of The feeding system of Tiktaalik roseae: an intermediate between suction feeding and biting This project includes microCT and 3D surface data to support the following publication: Lemberg JB, Daeschler EB, & Shubin NH (2021) The feeding system of Tiktaalik roseae: an intermediate between suction feeding and biting. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118(7):e2016421118. Lemberg, Justin 56 9
Display all details of Ackermans et al.: Sheep skull CT collection This project is associated with data generated for and used in the following publication: Ackermans NL, Martin LF, Codron D, Kircher PR, Richter H, Clauss M, Hatt J-M (2021) Confirmation of a wear-compensation mechanism in dental roots of ruminants. Anatomical Record 304: 425-436 This data set has been used for other published papers as well. Links are provided below when they exist. Clauss Marcus 142 49
Display all details of Schade et al. 2020. Irritator challengeri SMNS 58022 neuroanatomy Please note related publication: Schade, M., Rauhut, O.W.M. & Evers, S.W. Neuroanatomy of the spinosaurid Irritator challengeri (Dinosauria: Theropoda) indicates potential adaptations for piscivory. Sci Rep 10, 9259 (2020). 8 1
Display all details of Comparative endocast morphology of the Night Parrot and its relatives This study is creating a number of endocasts to assess whether the unusual nocturnal, ground-dwelling behaviour of the recently re-discovered night parrot is visible in its brain endocast and cranial nerve morphology Weisbecker Lab 69 23
Display all details of Wombats and Koalas Weisbecker Lab 273 103
Display all details of A new leptoceratopsid dinosaur from Maastrichtian-aged deposits of the Sustut Basin, northern British Columbia, Canada A partial dinosaur skeleton from the Sustut Basin of northern British Columbia, Canada, previously described as an indeterminate neornithischian, is here reinterpreted as a leptoceratopsid ceratopsian, Ferrisaurus sustutensis, gen. et. sp. nov. The skeleton includes parts of the pectoral girdles, left forelimb, left hindlimb, and right pes. It can be distinguished from other named leptoceratopsids based on the proportions of the ulna and pedal phalanges. This is the first unique dinosaur species reported from British Columbia, and can be placed within a reasonably resolved phylogenetic context, with Ferrisaurus recovered as more closely related to Leptoceratops than Montanoceratops. At 68.2 to 67.2 Ma in age, Ferrisaurus falls between, and slightly overlaps with, both Montanoceratops and Leptoceratops, and represents a western range extension for Laramidian leptoceratopsids. 20 1
Display all details of A new lizard-like reptile (Diapsida, Lepidosauromorpha) from the Upper Triassic (Carnian) of Virginia and the Triassic record of lepidosauromorphs We report a new taxon of lepidosauromorph reptiles, Vinitasaura lizae, based on a nearly complete dentary and a fragment of a second dentary from the Upper Triassic (upper Carnian) Vinita Formation in east-central Virginia. It offers new insights into into the morphological diversification and spatiotemporal distribution of lepidosauromorphs during the Triassic. It presents a mixture of plesiomorphic lepidosaurian features in addition to ones otherwise present exclusively in crown-group squamates, revealing the antiquity of the latter features within Lepidosauromorpha. The lepidosauromorph assemblage from the Vinita Formation also includes at least two other taxa and reveals connections to other assemblages in Europe and North America, indicating homogeneity of such assemblages across these regions during the Middle and Late Triassic. It currently provides the best record of the lepidosauromorph diversification in equatorial Pangaea, highlighting the potential importance of similar assemblages from western North America for addressing questions concerning the origin and early diversification of lepidosaurs during the Triassic. 2 1
Display all details of OUMNH Cultural Heritage Objects from the Archives, Library, Art and Architecture of Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Oxford University Museum of Natural History 0 0
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