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Media are grouped by projects created by users. Projects tend to contain media tied together by a theme. A project might represent the dataset for a single peer-reviewed paper, the results of a collections digitization project, or data for a digital lesson plan.

Projects can be used to share media ownership and access between project members, and projects can also be used to publish assortments of media and specimens for access and discovery by the public. If you want to share media ownership and access with multiple users across multiple projects, consider creating a user team. Projects can be managed by teams, and users with access to that team also gain access to any projects managed by that team.

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Display all details of Womack NSF PRFB Frog Skeletons Please bear with us as we upload tiff stacks slowly due to COVID-19 limiting our access to sufficient internet. If you are interested in particular tiff stacks or meshes from this study, please contact and we will prioritize getting them uploaded and to you as fast as we possibly can. Molly C. Womack 95 52
Display all details of The rat caudal vertebra 1_0week User Name=Skyscan Computer Name=SCAN1276-030 [Acquisition] Data Directory=D:\Results\wsh\gy\20201013\1-3 Filename Prefix=1_ Number Of Files= 516 Number Of Rows= 1344 Number Of Columns= 2016 Filename Index Length=8 Partial Width=OFF Image crop origin X=0 Image crop origin Y=0 Camera binning=2x2 Image Rotation=0.26000 Optical Axis (line)= 708 Object to Source (mm)=68.407 Camera to Source (mm)=158.177 Source Voltage (kV)= 70 Source Current (uA)= 200 Image Pixel Size (um)=15.084619 Scaled Image Pixel Size (um)=15.084619 Image Format=TIFF Depth (bits)=16 Reference Intensity=58000 Exposure (ms)=290 Rotation Step (deg)=0.400 Use 360 Rotation=NO Scanning position=168.588 mm Frame Averaging=ON (2) Flat Field Correction=ON Random Movement=OFF (10) Filter=Al 0.5mm Gantry direction=CC Rotation Direction=CC Intrinsic CS rotation in degree=180.0 Type of Detector Motion=STEP AND SHOOT Scanning Trajectory=ROUND Suggested HU - Calibration=180000 Number Of Horizontal Offset Positions=1 Study Date and Time=13 Oct 2020 15h:25m:00s Scan duration=0h:6m:19s Maximum vertical TS=5.0 [Reconstruction] Reconstruction Program=NRecon Program Version=Version: Program Home Directory=C:\SkyScan1276 Reconstruction engine=InstaRecon Engine version=Version: Reconstruction from batch=No Postalignment Applied=1 Postalignment=-5.50 Reconstruction servers= SCAN1276-030 Dataset Origin=SkyScan1276 Dataset Prefix=1_ Dataset Directory=D:\Results\wsh\gy\20201013\1-3 Output Directory=D:\Results\wsh\gy\20201013\1-3\1_Rec Time and Date=Oct 14, 2020 09:38:25 First Section=326 Last Section=1002 Reconstruction duration per slice (seconds)=0.048744 Total reconstruction time (677 slices) in seconds=33.000000 Section to Section Step=1 Sections Count=677 Result File Type=BMP Result File Header Length (bytes)=1134 Result Image Width (pixels)=756 Result Image Height (pixels)=748 Pixel Size (um)=15.08462 Reconstruction Angular Range (deg)=206.40 Use 180+=OFF Angular Step (deg)=0.4000 Smoothing=1 Smoothing kernel=2 (Gaussian) Ring Artifact Correction=3 Draw Scales=OFF Object Bigger than FOV=OFF Reconstruction from ROI=ON ROI Top (pixels)=1420 ROI Bottom (pixels)=672 ROI Left (pixels)=696 ROI Right (pixels)=1452 ROI reference length=2016 Filter cutoff relative to Nyquist frequency=100 Filter type=0 Filter type description=Hamming (Alpha=0.54) Undersampling factor=1 Threshold for defect pixel mask (%)=0 Beam Hardening Correction (%)=30 CS Static Rotation (deg)=0.00 CS Static Rotation Total(deg)=180.00 Minimum for CS to Image Conversion=0.000000 Maximum for CS to Image Conversion=0.070000 HU Calibration=OFF BMP LUT=0 Cone-beam Angle Horiz.(deg)=25.063585 Cone-beam Angle Vert.(deg)=16.858027 [File name convention] Filename Index Length=8 Filename Prefix=1__IR_rec 0 0
Display all details of Gopher tortoise diceCT project Jaimi Gray 16 1
Display all details of LACM Mammals - Dipodomys deserti limbs This research focuses on understanding patterns of limb asymmetry in vertebrates, particularly in the context of locomotion, based on a morpho-functional hypothesis of symmetry, the idea that within an individual, more functionally important structures should be more symmetric when that function could impact fitness. The functional connection that I make is between limb symmetry and locomotor performance. Specifically, I’ve been conducting a series of studies that predict that in four-limbed vertebrates, the more important limb set (with respect to locomotion) should display higher levels of symmetry. I have previously found that hindlimbs in frogs (Didde and Rivera, 2019) and turtles (Rivera and Neely, 2020) are more symmetrical than forelimbs, both studies thus supporting this idea. Shannen Robson 0 0
Display all details of Photinus pyralis Life Stages Scans used in the research article "Morphological changes in the tracheal system associated with light organs of the firefly Photinus pyralis (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) across life stages" Davis, Steven 4 4
Display all details of Inner ears of Miotragocerus pannoniae from Höwenegg, Germany Hartung, Josephina 6 3
Display all details of PLY-files of the juvenile conch of the Triasssic ammonoid Beneckeia We provide 10 PLY files of the first nine chambbers and the surface of the entire juvenile conch (internal mould) of the ammonoid Beneckeia buchi from the Lower Muschelkalk (Triassic) of Germany. Klug, Christian 0 0
Display all details of Brinkman et al. 2022 Leiochelys tokaryki Cranial and Postcranial 3D models 22 1
Display all details of Bauerius Javier Lobon-Rovira 2 2
Display all details of Neanderthal remains from Spy, Belgium EDDyLab 3 3
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