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Media are grouped by projects created by users. Projects tend to contain media tied together by a theme. A project might represent the dataset for a single peer-reviewed paper, the results of a collections digitization project, or data for a digital lesson plan.

Projects can be used to share media ownership and access between project members, and projects can also be used to publish assortments of media and specimens for access and discovery by the public. If you want to share media ownership and access with multiple users across multiple projects, consider creating a user team. Projects can be managed by teams, and users with access to that team also gain access to any projects managed by that team.

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Display all details of MVZ (Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, UC Berkeley) Project CT scans contributed by the oVert project, of Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley specimens. From 2017 onward and from any scans of borrowed MVZ material. Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (MVZ) Mammal Collection, UC Berkeley 392 314
Display all details of UMMZ-oVert Project Abstract - The oVert (openVertebrate) Thematic Collection Network (TCN) will generate and serve high-resolution digital three-dimensional (3D) data for internal anatomy across vertebrate diversity. Via a network of digitization centers across the US, more than 20,000 fluid-preserved specimens representing over 80% of the living genera of vertebrates will be CT-scanned. This will provide broad coverage for exploration and research on all major groups of vertebrates. Contrast-enhanced scans will be generated that reveal soft tissues and organs. This collection of digital imagery and three-dimensional volumes will be open for exploration, download, and use to address questions related to the discovery of new species, documenting patterns of anatomical diversity and growth, and testing hypotheses of function and evolution. The resource will provide unprecedented global access to valuable specimens in US museum collections and will develop best practices and guidelines for high-throughput CT-scanning, including efficient workflows, preferred resolutions, and archival formats that optimize the variety of downstream applications. Museum specialists will be trained on the generation, curation, and distribution of 3D data, researchers in using 3D anatomical data, and high school and undergraduate students in the tools for creating 3D anatomical models. To drive the use of these digital specimens by K-12 STEM educators, teacher-driven workshops that generate freely available lesson plans focused on specific science standards that are based on digital and printed 3D models of specimens in US museum collections. Please contact the appropriate collection manager regarding download requests: -Birds - Brett Benz ( -Fishes - Randy Singer ( -Mammals - Cody Thompson ( -Reptiles & Amphibians - Greg Schneider ( Technical questions should be directed to the UMMZ CT Lab Manager, Ramon Nagesan ( 1510 874
Display all details of Middle Triassic rhynchosaur Bentonyx cranial data We present CT scan data and 3D segmented models of the skull of the holotype of Bentonyx sidensis, as well as a juvenile and an older individual. These data are the basis for papers describing cranial anatomy and the unique ankylothecodont dentition of rhynchosaurs. Michael J. Benton 3 1
Display all details of Sauropod materials from Late Cretaceous of South China 3D scan of the cervical vertebra and ischium 2 2
Display all details of MCZ - oVert 790 664
Display all details of Kirtlandia Research Internship, Summer 2022 CLEV Vertebrate Paleontology Majewski, Hailey 28 26
Display all details of Ozboneviz Ozboneviz is a collaboration between multiple Australian institutions to create an open-access, metadata-rich 3D reference collection of Australian & New Guinean skeletal remains, focusing on mammalian zooarchaeological remains. Ozboneviz is funded by the Center of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage. Collaborating institutions: Flinders University The University of Queensland Australian National University South Australian Museum Australian National Wildlife Collection Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory Michigan State University Museum oVert Samper-Carro, Sofia 190 38
Display all details of Scan All Snakes This project is a repository for snake CT scan data generated by the Rabosky and Davis Rabosky labs at the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. The objective is to generate high-resolution, 3-dimensional morphological data for all species of snakes, and to make these data publicly available to serve as a resource for studies on the evolution, ecology, diversity, and systematics of snakes. 615 305
Display all details of UF Photogrammetry scans at the Florida Museum of Natural History Photogrammetry scans of biological and cultural heritage collection objects by the Digital Imaging Division at the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH). Zach Randall 154 74
Display all details of FuncQEE-PEN Project Computed tomography (CT) scanning will be used to provide 3D data relating to structural diversity for ca. 1,700 specimens of rodents. Rodents are among the most common but also among the most diverse mammals on the planet. They are found in virtually every terrestrial ecosystem, with species ranging from guinea pigs, to prairie dogs, kangaroo rats, flying squirrels, capybaras, lemmings, house mice, and sewer rats. Across this diversity, their bodies vary considerably in size and shape as they adapted to distinct habitats (e.g., Arctic tundra, grasslands, temperate and tropical forests), locomotion (e.g. terrestrial, arboreal, swimming, burrowing habits), feeding preferences (e.g., insectivores, granivores, herbivores, or generalists), and more. Given these vast differences, this project will provide 3D digitized data making it possible to examine and quantify the characters found in this radiation of diversity throughout the rodent tree of life. Undergraduate students at an MSI (Chicago State University) will be trained in CT-scan image processing. Please contact the appropriate collection manager regarding download requests: -MSB - Jon Dunnum ( -UMMZ - Cody Thompson ( All FuncQEE project questions should be directed to Noe de la Sancha ( Thompson, Cody 298 215
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