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Teams are groups of users that share media ownership and access across multiple projects and/or media. A team can manage one or more projects. A team can also contain media in a similar way to projects. A team might represent a lab group with multiple research paper projects or the staff of a museum collection uploading digital data representing their specimens.

The chief difference between teams and projects is that projects provide a group of users with access to a single assortment of media and specimens, while teams provide access to both media and one or more individual projects. Media in team projects can be viewed both at the project and team levels. Teams provide a group of users with access to multiple themed assortments of media and specimens. Additionally, if you are an official representative of an organization represented in MorphoSource, your team can be linked to that organization, which enables some level of access control over media representing specimens from that organization. Contact the MorphoSource admins to discuss this further.

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Display all details of CLEV Vertebrate Paleontology CMNH Vertebrate Paleontology Collection 2 103 60
Display all details of MCZ Mammalogy MCZ Mammalogy 0 1282 568
Display all details of MCZ Herpetology MCZ Herpetology 0 1100 864
Display all details of Naturhistorisches Museum Bern Cynology Anne-Claire Fabre 0 0 0
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