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Harvard University
Museum of Comparative Zoology
736 Media · 668 Specimens · 0 Cultural Heritage Objects

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status
000056420 skeleton ypm:vz:ypm herr 017608 Lycodryas pseudogranuliceps Ct image series 2018-08-13 Restricted Download
000056351 skeleton ypm:vz:ypm herr 010156 Xenagama batillifera Ct image series 2018-08-09 Restricted Download
000056348 skeleton ypm:vz:ypm herr 010165 Boaedon lineatus Ct image series 2018-08-09 Restricted Download
000056203 skeleton ypm:vz:ypm herr 001630 Bradypodion pumilum Ct image series 2018-08-08 Restricted Download
000055828 whole body / skeleton mcz:ich:149220 Gobius bibarbatus Ct image series 2018-08-02 Restricted Download
000055748 whole body / skeleton mcz:ich:136638 Haplochromis fusiformis Ct image series 2018-08-01 Restricted Download
000055558 skeleton mcz:ich:32326 Lamprologus moorii Ct image series 2018-07-27 Restricted Download
000055557 skeleton mcz:ich:50836 Tangachromis dhanisi Ct image series 2018-07-27 Restricted Download
000055412 skeleton mcz:ich:918 Rhinogobio typus Ct image series 2018-07-26 Restricted Download
000055324 skeleton mcz:ich:148133 Thoracochromis wingatii Ct image series 2018-07-24 Restricted Download
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List of items in this team
Identifier Taxonomy Total Media Date Added Source
mcz:ich:7367 Glanidium albescens 1 2018-04-09  iDigBio
mcz:ich:26383 Galaxias truttaceus 1 2018-04-09  iDigBio
mcz:ich:47182 Epalzeorhynchos munensis 1 2018-04-09  iDigBio
mcz:ich:32618 Ectodus descampsii 1 2018-04-09  iDigBio
mcz:ich:14887 Dicrossus maculatus 1 2018-04-09  iDigBio
mcz:ich:66360 Dolichopteryx anascopa 1 2018-04-09  iDigBio
mcz:ich:40861 Apterichtus caecus 1 2018-04-02  iDigBio
mcz:ich:31460 Cristacirrhitus punctatus 1 2018-04-02  iDigBio
mcz:ich:11305 Catathyridium jenynsii 1 2018-04-02  iDigBio
mcz:ich:34054 Artediellina antilope 1 2018-04-02  iDigBio
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Harvard University
Organization Name
Museum of Comparative Zoology
Organization Type
Collection and Scanning Facility
Institution code
sep; mcz
Collection code
; herp; mamm; ich; orn; bom
26 Oxford Street
Postal Code
United States
Contact Person
Linda S. Ford


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