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National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
NMNH Extant Specimen Records
214 Media · 161 Specimens · 0 Cultural Heritage Objects

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status
000073674 shell usnm:invertebrate zoology:94019 Divarilima albicoma Mesh 2019-04-06 Restricted Download
000073672 shell usnm:invertebrate zoology:41359 Divalinga strigilla Mesh 2019-04-06 Restricted Download
000073665 shell usnm:invertebrate zoology:535689 Anadara (Diluvarca) secernenda Mesh 2019-04-06 Restricted Download
000073666 shell usnm:invertebrate zoology:421695 Dimya tigrina Mesh 2019-04-06 Restricted Download
000073661 shell usnm:invertebrate zoology:153691 Cyrtodaria siliqua Mesh 2019-04-06 Restricted Download
000073600 shell usnm:invertebrate zoology:781525 Cyclocardia novangliae Mesh 2019-04-04 Restricted Download
000073599 shell usnm:invertebrate zoology:794759 Cyclocardia borealis Mesh 2019-04-04 Restricted Download
000073597 shell usnm:invertebrate zoology:784693 Cyathodonta rugosa Mesh 2019-04-04 Restricted Download
000073596 shell usnm:invertebrate zoology:811161 Cuspidaria rostrata Mesh 2019-04-04 Restricted Download
000073595 shell usnm:invertebrate zoology:448494 Cuspidaria obesa Mesh 2019-04-04 Restricted Download
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List of items in this team
Identifier Taxonomy Total Media Date Added Source
usnm:invertebrate zoology:49945 Panomya arctica 1 2019-02-07  iDigBio
usnm:invertebrate zoology:516571 Neopycnodonte cochlear 1 2019-02-07  iDigBio
usnm:invertebrate zoology:153691 Cyrtodaria siliqua 1 2019-02-07  iDigBio
usnm:invertebrate zoology:421695 Dimya tigrina 1 2019-02-07  iDigBio
usnm:invertebrate zoology:448488 Plectodon granulata 1 2019-02-07  iDigBio
usnm:invertebrate zoology:811161 Cuspidaria rostrata 1 2019-02-07  iDigBio
usnm:invertebrate zoology:48984 Cuspidaria obesa 1 2019-02-07  iDigBio
usnm:invertebrate zoology:460732 Cardiomya striata 1 2019-02-07 User Created
usnm:invertebrate zoology:449934 Caryocorbula swiftiana 1 2019-02-07  iDigBio
usnm:invertebrate zoology:449654 Caryocorbula chittyana 1 2019-02-07  iDigBio
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National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
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NMNH Extant Specimen Records
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Museum, Department, or Lab Collection
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birds; fishes; adp; invertebrate zoology; amphibians & reptiles; ; mammals
10th St. & Constitution Ave. NW
Washington, DC
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United States


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