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National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
NMNH Extant Specimen Records
13380 Media · 2691 Specimens · 0 Cultural Heritage Objects

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status
000364520 whole body USNM:Amphibians & Reptiles:137662 Scythrophrys sawayae Ct image series 2021-05-20 Restricted Download
000363982 whole body USNM:Amphibians & Reptiles:586870 Phrynoidis asper Ct image series 2021-05-18 Restricted Download
000360760 Labyrinth - semicircular canals usnm:amphibians & reptiles:USNM 211233 Alligator mississipiensis Mesh 2021-04-27 Open Download
000359767 SMC test notify usnm:mammals:84385 Propithecus diadema Image 2021-04-23 Restricted Download
000359084 Teeth usnm:amphibians & reptiles:R297456 Cylindrophis ruffus Ct image series 2021-04-21 Open Download
000354338 usnm:amphibians & reptiles:163515 Calumma parsonii cristifer Ct image series 2021-03-30 Restricted Download
000351282 head usnm:birds:510970 Loxigilla noctis Ct image series 2021-03-22 Restricted Download
000350266 usnm:amphibians & reptiles:570664 Trioceros oweni Ct image series 2021-03-17 Restricted Download
000350252 usnm:amphibians & reptiles:570662 Trioceros oweni Ct image series 2021-03-17 Restricted Download
000349965 usnm:amphibians & reptiles:145580 Chamaeleo mlanjensis Ct image series 2021-03-16 Restricted Download
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List of items in this team
Identifier Taxonomy Total Media Date Added Source
USNM:Mammals:236993 Cercopithecus mitis 2 2021-03-10  iDigBio
USNM:Mammals:310324 Cebus capucinus 2 2021-03-10  iDigBio
USNM:Mammals:284945 Cebus capucinus 2 2021-03-10  iDigBio
USNM:Mammals:283904 Cebus capucinus 2 2021-03-10  iDigBio
USNM:Mammals:291222 Cebus capucinus 2 2021-03-10  iDigBio
USNM:Mammals:310318 Cebus capucinus 2 2021-03-10  iDigBio
USNM:Mammals:306835 Cebus capucinus 3 2021-03-10  iDigBio
USNM:Mammals:284927 Cebus capucinus 2 2021-03-10  iDigBio
USNM:Mammals:284963 Cebus capucinus 2 2021-03-08  iDigBio
USNM:Mammals:284943 Cebus capucinus 2 2021-03-08  iDigBio
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National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
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NMNH Extant Specimen Records
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Museum, Department, or Lab Collection
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; amphibians & reptiles; mammals; fishes; invertebrate zoology; birds; adp
10th St. & Constitution Ave. NW
Washington, DC
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United States


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