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The Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum (London) Collection Specimens
1340 Media · 563 Specimens · 0 Cultural Heritage Objects

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status
000377344 Sternum nhmuk:zoo:S/1962.8.5 Phoebetria palpebrata Mesh 2021-08-13 Open Download
000377338 Sternum nhmuk:zoo:S/1972.1.39 Phalacrocorax harrisi Mesh 2021-08-13 Open Download
000377287 Sternum nhmuk:zoo:1854.6.25.2 Cygnus olor Mesh 2021-08-12 Open Download
000377284 Sternum nhmuk:zoo:1903.12.20.231 Campephilus melanoleucos Mesh 2021-08-12 Open Download
000376654 Braincase Endocast nhmuk:69.42.145 Cuora amboinensis Mesh 2021-08-11 Open Download
000376288 Braincase Endocast nhmuk:zoo:1940.3.15.1 Caretta caretta Mesh 2021-08-10 Open Download
000376001 Sternum NHMUK:ZOO:S/1988.50.1 Raphus cucullatus Mesh 2021-08-07 Open Download
000375954 Sternum NHMUK:ZOO:1939.12.9.538 Pinguinus impennis Mesh 2021-08-07 Open Download
000375949 Sternum nhm-uk:zoo:S/1984.71.2 Hirundo rustica Mesh 2021-08-07 Open Download
000375946 Sternum nhm-uk:zoo:1866.8.6.13 Corvus albus Mesh 2021-08-07 Open Download
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List of items in this team
Identifier Taxonomy Total Media Date Added Source
nhmuk:ls reptiles:P7834 Dipterus valenciennesi 1 2021-08-31 User Created
bmnh:ls amphibians:P7834 Dipterus valenciennesi 1 2021-08-31 User Created
nhmuk:zoo:ZD 1903.7.7.135 Tamandua tetradactyla 1 2021-08-16 User Created
nhmuk:zoo:1869.10.24.53 Sagittarius serpentarius 1 2021-08-13 User Created
nhmuk:zoo:1903.12.20.231 Campephilus melanoleucos 1 2021-08-12 User Created
NHMUK:ZOO:S/1988.50.1 Raphus cucullatus 1 2021-08-07  iDigBio
NHMUK:ZOO:1939.12.9.538 Pinguinus impennis 1 2021-08-07  iDigBio
NHMUK:ZOO:S/2006.6.1 Choriotis kori 1 2021-08-07  iDigBio
NHMUK:ZOO:S/1972.1.14 Casuarius casuarius 1 2021-08-06  iDigBio
NHMUK:ZOO:S/1952.1.21 Apteryx owenii 1 2021-08-06  iDigBio
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The Natural History Museum
Organization Name
Natural History Museum (London) Collection Specimens
Organization Type
Museum, Department, or Lab Collection
Institution code
nhmuk; bmnh; nhm-uk
Collection code
r; ls amphibians; zoo; zoology; pal; invertebrate zoology; ls reptiles
Cromwell Road
Postal Code
United Kingdom


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