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University of Cambridge
UMZC Zoological Specimens
323 Media · 196 Specimens · 0 Cultural Heritage Objects

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status
000388195 embryonic head umzc:vertebrates:C.14.D Balaenoptera musculus Ct image series 2021-10-04 Restricted Download
000388132 juvenile head umzc:vertebrates:2014.7.1 Sus scrofa Ct image series 2021-10-04 Restricted Download
000388087 embryonic head umzc:vertebrates:C17M Balaenoptera sp. Ct image series 2021-10-02 Restricted Download
000377365 Sternum umzc:vertebrates:300.b Gallinula ventralis Mesh 2021-08-13 Open Download
000377295 Sternum umzc:vertebrates:303.a Gallirallus australis Mesh 2021-08-12 Open Download
000377294 Sternum umzc:vertebrates:265.a Phalacrocorax carbo Mesh 2021-08-12 Open Download
000375943 Sternum UMZC:Vertebrates:413.B1 Goura cristata Mesh 2021-08-07 Open Download
000375890 Sternum umzc:vertebrates:245 Branta bernicla Mesh 2021-08-06 Open Download
000375873 Sternum UMZC:Vertebrates:724 Cariama cristata Mesh 2021-08-06 Open Download
000375824 Sternum UMZC:Vertebrates:184.D Aptenodytes patagonicus Mesh 2021-08-06 Open Download
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List of items in this team
Identifier Taxonomy Total Media Date Added Source
UMZC:Vertebrates:191.B Fratercula arctica 1 2021-12-01  iDigBio
UMZC:Vertebrates:208.BA Tachybaptus ruficollis 1 2021-12-01  iDigBio
UMZC:Vertebrates:E.2087.A Mus rattus 1 2021-12-01  iDigBio
UMZC:Vertebrates:378.iii Apteryx owenii 1 2021-12-01  iDigBio
umzc:vertebrates:C.14.D Balaenoptera musculus 1 2021-10-04 User Created
umzc:vertebrates:2014.7.1 Sus scrofa 1 2021-10-04 User Created
umzc:vertebrates:C17M Balaenoptera sp. 1 2021-10-02 User Created
umzc:vertebrates:E.3767 Hydrochoerus capybara 1 2021-09-23 User Created
umzc:vertebrates:E.23 Bradypus tridactylus 1 2021-09-22 User Created
umzc:vertebrates:E.5131.G Erinaceus sp. 1 2021-09-21 User Created
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University of Cambridge
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UMZC Zoological Specimens
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Museum, Department, or Lab Collection
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; vertebrates
Downing Street
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United Kingdom


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