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The Visible Interactive Parrot. These open access resources—both here on MorphoSource and on the Ohio University site—present our work on the 3D anatomical structure of the head and skull of the scarlet macaw, Ara macao. Macaws, like all parrots, are unique among birds in their intelligence and jaw anatomy. This makes them of particular interest to members of WitmerLab. These resources are outgrowths of our more technical work and are intended to serve as STEM educational aids for K–12 and undergraduate students, as well as researchers. Work on this project was done primarily by WitmerLab PhD student JP Nassif. The featured specimen (OUVC 10633) is an adult scarlet macaw. The skull was µCT-scanned with a voxel size of 90 µm at the OUµCT facility. Segmentation of anatomical structures was done using Avizo, 3D modeling was done using Maya, 3D PDFs were generated using Deep Exploration and Adobe Acrobat, and movies were made using QuickTime and Adobe Premiere. More content will be added in the future. Funded by the National Science Foundation.

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JP Nassif, Ryan Ridgely, Lawrence Witmer


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OUVC:OUVC 10633, Ara macao

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