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Boyer Euarchontan Tali Project ID: 00000C123 Public
832 Media · 275 Specimens · Managed by: Douglas Boyer

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000100584 Talus mlp:91-IX-1-119 Proteropithecia neuquenensis Mesh 2020-02-06 Open Download  
000100560 Talus igm-ku:KU:89031 Neosaimiri fieldsi Mesh 2020-02-06 Open Download  
000026296 astragalus mlu:wa:20 Saxonella crepaturae Mesh 2017-05-15 Restricted Download  
000026295 astragalus mlu:wa:20 Saxonella crepaturae CT Image Series 2017-05-15 Restricted Download  
000022015 astragalus amnh:fm:12000 Notharctus pugnax CT Image Series 2017-02-02 Restricted Download  
000022014 astragalus amnh:fm:12000 Notharctus pugnax Mesh 2017-02-02 Restricted Download  
000021951 Astragalus amnh:mammals:m-95027 Chiropotes albinasus Mesh 2017-01-31 Open Download  
000021950 Astragalus amnh:mammals:m-95027 Chiropotes albinasus CT Image Series 2017-01-31 Open Download  
000021926 Astragalus amnh:fm:17379 Nannodectes gidleyi Mesh 2017-01-30 Restricted Download  
000021925 Astragalus amnh:fm:17379 Nannodectes gidleyi CT Image Series 2017-01-30 Restricted Download  
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