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Teaching Human Evolution Project ID: 00000C158 Public
75 Media · 43 Specimens · Managed by: Douglas Boyer, Angel Zeininger

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000009036 Femur du:ea:155.8 Pan troglodytes Mesh 2016-02-09 Restricted Download  
000006613 Cranium du:ea:DCC04 Plesiadapis tricuspidens Mesh 2015-09-18 Restricted Download  
000024470 mandible du:ea:555 Pongo pygmaeus Mesh 2017-03-18 Restricted Download  
000020251 Disconnected bones du:ea:waketech Mesh 2016-12-02 Restricted Download  
000020250 Cleaned up Foot for 3D Printing du:ea:waketech Mesh 2016-12-02 Restricted Download  
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