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Digitizing the Florida Museum of Natural History's Herpetology collections Project ID: 00000C211 Public
1293 Media · 602 Specimens · Managed by: David Blackburn , Edward Stanley, Jaimi Gray

Part of an ongoing project to maximize the impact and accessibility of the collections at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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Identifier Taxonomy Total Media Date Added Source
UF:Herp:150437 Salvator merianae 1 2024-01-30  iDigBio
UF:Herp:137671 Ameiva ameiva 2 2024-01-30  iDigBio
UF:Herp:141628 Deirochelys reticularia 1 2023-01-26  iDigBio
UF:Herp:29433 Indotyphlops braminus 4 2023-01-20  iDigBio
UF:Herp:43324 Liotyphlops albirostris 3 2023-01-20  iDigBio
UF:Herp:114659 Coluber constrictor 1 2022-12-01  iDigBio
uf:herp Bombina orientalis 1 2022-08-29 User Created
UF:Herp:68567 Diplometopon zarudnyi 4 2022-08-13  iDigBio
UF:Herp:33421 Gavialis gangeticus 2 2022-08-12  iDigBio
UF:Herp:20561 Crocodylus acutus 2 2022-08-12  iDigBio
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