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Digitizing the Florida Museum of Natural History's Herpetology collections Project ID: 00000C211 Public
1272 Media · 593 Specimens · Managed by: David Blackburn, Edward Stanley, Jaimi Gray

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000114581 whole body cm:herps:45985 Proceratophrys boiei CT Image Series 2020-04-19 Open Download  
000114631 Skull cm:herps:45985 Proceratophrys boiei Mesh 2020-04-21 Open Download  
000105297 Whole body ku:kuh:92190 Xenohyla truncata Mesh 2020-03-05 Open Download  
000101178 Skull mcz:herp:a-137993 Werneria tandyi Mesh 2020-02-18 Open Download  
000115580 Skull ncsm:herp:82961 Tylototriton panhai Mesh 2020-05-04 Open Download  
000362048 whole body uf:field#:186982 Phyllodactylus hispaniolae CT Image Series 2021-05-01 Open Download  
000165287 uf:fish:1075 Branchiostoma caribaeum CT Image Series 2020-10-13 Open Download  
000062041 whole body uf:herp:100531 Eleutherodactylus richmondi CT Image Series 2018-10-21 Open Download  
000049068 uf:herp:100578 Pseudophilautus microtypanum CT Image Series 2018-05-27 Open Download  
000163231 uf:herp:100578 Pseudophilautus microtypanum Mesh 2020-10-05 Open Download  
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