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Digitizing the Florida Museum of Natural History's Herpetology collections Project ID: 00000C211 Public
1275 Media · 596 Specimens · Managed by: David Blackburn, Edward Stanley, Jaimi Gray

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000361376 whole body UF:Herp:102367 Anolis carolinensis CT Image Series 2021-04-29 Open Download  
000364389 DICECT whole body UF:Herp:64789 Phelsuma madagascariensis CT Image Series 2021-05-20 Open Download  
000367944 pes UF:Herp:72672 Gekko gecko CT Image Series 2021-06-16 Open Download  
000367939 Manus UF:Herp:72672 Gekko gecko CT Image Series 2021-06-16 Open Download  
000363249 Head UF:Herp:141549 Amphisbaena darwini CT Image Series 2021-05-12 Open Download  
000364361 DICECT whole body UF:Herp:59382 Celestus costatus CT Image Series 2021-05-19 Open Download  
000011003 Skull uf:herp:11978 Sphenodon punctatus Mesh 2016-04-04 Open Download  
000367477 whole body uf:herp:90238 Gerrhosaurus flavigularis CT Image Series 2021-06-11 Open Download  
000359089 Whole body uf:herp:191433 Ouroborus cataphractus CT Image Series 2021-04-21 Open Download  
000346412 hind limbs uf:herp:186878 Aristelliger lar CT Image Series 2021-02-25 Open Download  
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