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oVert: UW - CT Scan all Fishes Project ID: 00000C220 Public
3741 Media · 136 Specimens · Managed by: Adam Summers

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Identifier Taxonomy Total Media Date Added Source
sio:marine vertebrates:04-62 Antennablennius bifilum 2 2017-07-24  iDigBio
sio:marine vertebrates:71-191 Argyropelecus affinis 2 2017-07-20  iDigBio
sio:marine vertebrates:11-224 Argyropelecus lychnus 2 2017-07-20  iDigBio
sio:marine vertebrates:90-40 Argyropelecus olfersi 2 2017-07-20  iDigBio
sio:marine vertebrates:88-69 Argyropelecus sladeni 2 2017-07-20  iDigBio
sio:marine vertebrates:51-34 Artedius corallinus 11 2018-07-05  iDigBio
sio:marine vertebrates:73-101 Artedius notospilotus 6 2018-07-12  iDigBio
sio:marine vertebrates:90-11 Asprocottus herzensteini 1 2017-08-08  iDigBio
sio:marine vertebrates:73-205 Atrosalarias fuscus 2 2017-07-24  iDigBio
sio:marine vertebrates:04-124 Axoclinus nigricaudus 2 2017-07-24  iDigBio
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