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oVert: UW - CT Scan all Fishes Project ID: 00000C220 Public
3741 Media · 2637 Specimens · Managed by: Adam Summers

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000096480 body uwfc:adult collection:uw 046210 Abbottina rivularis CT Image Series 2019-11-23 Open Download  
000076803 body uwfc:adult collection:uw 157663 Abudefduf sordidus CT Image Series 2019-05-08 Open Download  
000076177 body uwfc:adult collection:uw 157662 Abudefduf sordidus CT Image Series 2019-04-30 Open Download  
000029570 sio:marine vertebrates:62-55 Acanthemblemaria balanorum CT Image Series 2017-07-24 Open Download  
000029569 sio:marine vertebrates:62-55 Acanthemblemaria balanorum Image 2017-07-24 Open Download  
000029580 sio:marine vertebrates:03-141 Acanthemblemaria chaplini Image 2017-07-24 Open Download  
000029582 sio:marine vertebrates:03-141 Acanthemblemaria chaplini CT Image Series 2017-07-24 Open Download  
000029550 sio:marine vertebrates:70-85 Acanthemblemaria crockeri Image 2017-07-24 Open Download  
000029551 sio:marine vertebrates:70-85 Acanthemblemaria crockeri CT Image Series 2017-07-24 Open Download  
000029418 sio:marine vertebrates:03-142 Acanthemblemaria exilispinus CT Image Series 2017-07-20 Open Download  
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