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TEMPO birds Project ID: 00000C420 Public
2252 Media · 288 Specimens · Managed by: Roger Benson

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000109367 nhmuk:zoo:1888.3.9.58 Micropsitta finschii CT Image Series 2020-03-12 Open Download  
000109368 skull nhmuk:zoo:1888.3.9.58 Micropsitta finschii Mesh 2020-03-12 Open Download  
000108749 skull nhmuk:zoo:S/1957.11.2 Oceanites oceanicus Mesh 2020-03-11 Open Download  
000108748 nhmuk:zoo:S/1957.11.2 Oceanites oceanicus CT Image Series 2020-03-11 Open Download  
000108215 skull fmnh:birds:392245 Caprimulgus macrurus manillensis Mesh 2020-03-11 Restricted Download  
000108087 beak fmnh:birds:491374 Anhinga anhinga anhinga Mesh 2020-03-11 Restricted Download  
000108084 skeleton fmnh:birds:491374 Anhinga anhinga anhinga CT Image Series 2020-03-11 Restricted Download  
000093682 skull fmnh:birds:319937 Pterocles quadricinctus quadricinctus Mesh 2019-11-01 Restricted Download  
000093681 skeleton fmnh:birds:319937 Pterocles quadricinctus quadricinctus CT Image Series 2019-11-01 Restricted Download  
000092692 skull nhmuk:zoo:1850.8.15.152 Puffinus tenuirostris Mesh 2019-10-28 Open Download  
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