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TEMPO birds Project ID: 00000C420 Public
2252 Media · 288 Specimens · Managed by: Roger Benson

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000458655 Carpometacarpus NHMUK:ZOO:S/1955.1.51 Melospiza melodia Mesh 2022-09-01 Open Download  
000458652 Carpometacarpus NHMUK:S/1985.50.4 Taeniopygia guttata Mesh 2022-09-01 Open Download  
000458625 Carpometacarpus UMZC:Vertebrates:444.dd Heteralocha acutirostris Mesh 2022-09-01 Open Download  
000458558 Carpometacarpus nhm-uk,bmnh,nhmuk:zoology:1967.37.54 Pteruthius melanotis Mesh 2022-09-01 Open Download  
000458552 Carpometacarpus nhmuk:zoo:1965.42.57 Pardalotus substriatus Mesh 2022-09-01 Open Download  
000458549 Carpometacarpus nhm-uk,bmnh,nhmuk:zoology:1854.9.24.23 Stipiturus malachurus Mesh 2022-09-01 Open Download  
000458546 Carpometacarpus UMZC:Vertebrates:485.a Climacteris leucophaea Mesh 2022-09-01 Open Download  
000457741 Carpometacarpus nhmuk:A/1969.13.73 Eurylaimus ochromalus Mesh 2022-08-25 Open Download  
000432667 skeleton UMZC:Vertebrates:298.a Fulica atra CT Image Series 2022-03-28 Open Download  
000423851 whole, dry, individual NHMUK:ZOO:S/2016.52.1 Balearica pavonina CT Image Series 2022-02-22 Open Download  
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