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Western Interior Seaway Project ID: 00000C427 Public
56 Media · 48 Specimens · Managed by: Christina Lutz

Surface scans have been created as part of a grant funded by the National Science Foundation, The Cretaceous World: Digitizing Fossils to Reconstruct Evolving Ecosystems in the Western Interior Seaway. The scans include both Vertebrate and Invertebrate Paleontology specimens, we would like these scans to be accessible to anyone interested and especially to teachers to utilize as a educational tool.

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000041177 ypm:ip:YPM IP 539444 undet. sp. Mesh 2018-02-19 Open Download  
000041172 ypm:ip:YPM IP 613912 Baculites sp. Mesh 2018-02-19 Open Download  
000040689 frontal YPM:VP:YPM VP 003972 Platecarpus coryphaeus Mesh 2018-02-15 Restricted Download  
000040688 quadrate ypm:vp:ypm vp 024923 Platecarpus tympaniticus Mesh 2018-02-15 Restricted Download  
000040687 mandible/jaw YPM:VP:YPM VP 003610 Toxochelys latiremis Mesh 2018-02-15 Restricted Download  
000040685 YPM:IP:YPM IP 201196 Eutrephoceras dekayi Mesh 2018-02-15 Open Download  
000040686 YPM:IP:YPM IP 219132 Placenticeras whitfieldi Mesh 2018-02-15 Open Download  
000040684 rostrum YPM:VP:YPM VP 058796 Protosphyraena sp. Mesh 2018-02-15 Restricted Download  
000040682 YPM:IP:YPM IP 006835 Pteria linguiformis Mesh 2018-02-15 Open Download  
000040683 tooth YPM:VP:YPM VP 058705 Ptychodus sp. Mesh 2018-02-15 Restricted Download  
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