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Evers & Benson 2018, Turtle CT Data and 3D Models Project ID: 00000C462 Public
345 Media · 12 Specimens · Managed by: Serjoscha Evers

Please note related publications: 1. Evers SW, Benson RBJ. 2019. A new phylogenetic hypothesis of turtles with implications for the timing and number of evolutionary transitions to marine lifestyles in the Group. Palaeontology 62(1): 93–134. 2. Evers SW, Barrett PM, Benson RBJ. 2019. Anatomy of Rhinochelys pulchriceps (Protostegidae) and marine adaptation during the early evolution of chelonioids. PeerJ 7:e6811 3. Evers Serjoscha W. and Joyce Walter G. 2020A re-description of Sandownia harrisi (Testudinata: Sandownidae) from the Aptian of the Isle of Wight based on computed tomography scansR. Soc. open sci.7191936191936

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Identifier Taxonomy Total Media Date Added Source
NHMUK:PAL:PV OR 38955 Argillochelys antiqua 44 2018-03-07  iDigBio
camsm:b:55783 Rhinochelys cantabrigiensis 41 2018-03-04 User Created
oumnh:j:1582 Plesiochelys planiceps 43 2018-03-04 User Created
miwg:3480 Sandownia harrisi 24 2018-03-04 User Created
tm:4023 Solnhofia parsoni 34 2018-03-04 User Created
FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:211696 Sternotherus minor 33 2018-03-03  iDigBio
nhmuk: Elseya dentata 12 2018-03-03 User Created
smf:45470 Phrynops geoffroanus 25 2018-03-03 User Created
FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:211815 Gopherus polyphemus 30 2018-03-01  iDigBio
FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:22178 Apalone spinifera 28 2018-03-01  iDigBio
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