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oUTCT PEN Project ID: 00000C887 Public
1278 Media · 1042 Specimens · Managed by: Jessie Maisano

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000114907 skull amnh:birds:9599 Stiltia isabella CT Image Series 2020-04-24 Open Download  
000164864 skull tmm:M:1545 Gallus gallus CT Image Series 2020-10-10 Restricted Download  
000363187 head lsumz:herps:27295 Epicrionops bicolor CT Image Series 2021-05-11 Restricted Download  
000363010 holotype, anterior body musm:h:21540 Chiasmocleis devriesi CT Image Series 2021-05-10 Restricted Download  
000114058 turbinates usnm:mammals:182034 Hyaena hyaena CT Image Series 2020-04-03 Restricted Download  
000114316 skull usnm:mammals:503885 Callithrix jacchus CT Image Series 2020-04-12 Restricted Download  
000114661 skull pchp:unknown Kinosternon baurii CT Image Series 2020-04-21 Restricted Download  
000114577 head tnhc:herpetology:1930 Phrynosoma cornutum CT Image Series 2020-04-19 Restricted Download  
000114985 skull gm:XXXVIII/57 Eosaniwa koehni CT Image Series 2020-04-28 Restricted Download  
000114917 head ypm:vz:ypm herr 008438 Gavialis gangeticus CT Image Series 2020-04-26 Restricted Download  
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