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oUTCT PEN Project ID: 00000C887 Public
1309 Media · 1073 Specimens · Managed by: Jessie Maisano

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000114316 skull usnm:mammals:503885 Callithrix jacchus CT Image Series 2020-04-12 Restricted Download  
000100988 skull usnm:mammals:429132 Otocyon megalotis CT Image Series 2020-02-13 Restricted Download  
000115585 skull usnm:mammals:406427 Cacajao melanocephalus CT Image Series 2020-05-04 Restricted Download  
000115589 skull usnm:mammals:319516 Cacajao calvus rubicundus CT Image Series 2020-05-04 Restricted Download  
000100541 skull usnm:mammals:314885 Gulo gulo CT Image Series 2020-02-06 Restricted Download  
000100637 skull usnm:mammals:98062 Ursus arctos CT Image Series 2020-02-07 Restricted Download  
000115831 skull usnm:mammals:105539 Callicebus torquatus CT Image Series 2020-05-07 Restricted Download  
000100327 skull usnm:mammals:199074 Damaliscus jimela CT Image Series 2020-02-04 Restricted Download  
000100589 skull usnm:mammals:147553 Mephitis mephitis CT Image Series 2020-02-06 Restricted Download  
000100784 skull usnm:mammals:368497 Proteles cristata CT Image Series 2020-02-12 Restricted Download  
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