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Evolution of vision and hearing modalities in theropod dinosaurs Project ID: 0000C1096 Public
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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000362628 reconstructed scleral ring - 16 ossicles (minimum size) igm:100/977 Shuvuuia deserti Mesh 2021-05-06 Open Download  
000362624 skull igm:100/977 Shuvuuia deserti Mesh 2021-05-06 Open Download  
000362604 labyrinth nhmuk:zoo:S/1989.22.1 Tyto alba Mesh 2021-05-06 Open Download  
000362601 braincase igm:100/1304 Shuvuuia deserti Mesh 2021-05-06 Open Download  
000362597 reconstructed orbit and scleral ring ivpp:v:14988 Haplocheirus sollers Mesh 2021-05-06 Open Download  
000362523 labyrinth fmnh:birds:318845 Topaza pyra Mesh 2021-05-05 Restricted Download  
000362520 labyrinth nhmuk:zoo:s/2001.38.1 Strix aluco Mesh 2021-05-05 Open Download  
000362517 labyrinth nhmuk:zoo:1881.1.17.71 Strigops habroptilus Mesh 2021-05-05 Open Download  
000362514 labyrinth fmnh:birds:85767 Streptoprocne zonaris mexicana Mesh 2021-05-05 Restricted Download  
000362511 labyrinth fmnh:birds:345114 Podargus strigoides Mesh 2021-05-05 Restricted Download  
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