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Arlington Archosaur Site Fossils Project ID: 000368928 Public
3 Media · 2 Specimens · Creator: Adams, Thomas, Drumheller-Horton, Stephanie, Noto, Christopher · Managed by: Christopher Noto

This is a collection of published fossil material discovered at the Arlington Archosaur Site (Woodbine Group; Cenomanian).

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000368926 skull dmnh:pal:2013-07-1859 Deltasuchus motherali Mesh 2021-06-23 Open Download  
000058403 Mandible dmnh:pal:2013-07-1256 Scolomastax sahlsteini Volumetric Image Series 2018-09-26 Open Download  
000058402 Mandible dmnh:pal:2013-07-1256 Scolomastax sahlsteini Mesh 2018-09-26 Open Download  
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