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Vulci (fl. 10th cent. BCE- 5th cent. CE) was one of the largest and most important cities of ancient Etruria and one of the biggest pre-Roman cities in the 1st millennium BCE in the Italian peninsula. The investigation of Vulci presents a rare opportunity to study city-plans and urban infrastructures and for interpreting the organization of public spaces across time and cultures. The emergence of Vulci as an Etruscan settlement and its transformation into a Roman city involved important political, religious, and social changes, identifiable by comparative analyses between architectural spaces, trade and materials’ production. Duke’s excavations in the urban core identified over 6000 classifiable objects in different categories (pottery, coins, tools, architectural elements, metal, and wall decorations) which will contribute significantly to the study of urban archaeology in the Italian peninsula. Anticipating the power of 3D data and virtual reality for preserving, studying and communicating information about this unique site, the excavations at Vulci are entirely documented in 3D thanks to a combined use of 3D photogrammetry, georadars, multispectral drones and laser scanners. Vulci team has made use of VR tools (Unity 3D, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive) to create example immersive experiences. This project was generously supported by the following sponsors: Soprintendenza Archeologia Belle Arti e Paesaggio per l'area metropolitana di Roma, la provincia di Viterbo e l'Etruria meridionale; the Etruscan Foundation, and The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation.

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000403988 Fragment MiBACT:SABAP-RM-MET:VFW19.225.160 Cookware Image 2020-12-10 Open Download  
000401595 fragment MiBACT:SABAP-RM-MET:VFW19.225_2 Bucchero Fragment Mesh 2020-11-23 Open Download  
000400707 fragment MiBACT:SABAP-RM-MET:VFW19.196.28 Bucchero Fragment Mesh 2020-11-16 Open Download  
000400632 fragment MiBACT:SABAP-RM-MET:VFW19.196.15 Ware Fragment Mesh 2020-11-16 Open Download  
000401745 fragment MiBACT:SABAP-RM-MET:VFW19.225.148 Ware Fragment Mesh 2020-11-23 Open Download  
000401800 fragment MiBACT:SABAP-RM-MET:VFW19.225.169 Ware Fragment Mesh 2020-11-23 Open Download  
000401785 fragment MiBACT:SABAP-RM-MET:VFW19.225.163 Ware Fragment Mesh 2020-11-23 Open Download  
000401605 fragment MiBACT:SABAP-RM-MET:VFW19.225_4 Bucchero Fragment Mesh 2020-11-23 Open Download  
000402019 fragment MiBACT:SABAP-RM-MET:VFW19.251.91 Terra Sigillata Fragment Mesh 2020-11-23 Open Download  
000402004 fragment MiBACT:SABAP-RM-MET:VFW19.251.89 Terra Sigillata Fragment Mesh 2020-11-23 Open Download  
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