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AMNH MICROFOSSIL COLLN Project ID: 000431047 Public
142 Media · 67 Specimens · Creator: Hussaini, Bushra · Managed by: Melanie Hopkins, Bushra Hussaini

The dataset contains taxonomic, geographic and stratigraphic data for 8900 specimen lots of Foraminifera and Ostracoda Microfossils housed at the American Museum of Natural History

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000445375 complete specimen AMNH:FI:19888 Oolina simplex lacrima Video 2022-05-31 Restricted Download  
000446249 complete specimen AMNH:FI:88054 Nonion pompilioides Video 2022-06-10 Open Download  
000444807 complete specimen AMNH:FI:64118 Reophax parsonsensis Video 2022-05-27 Restricted Download  
000444627 complete specimen AMNH:FI:19914 Trochamminoides irregularis Video 2022-05-26 Restricted Download  
000443446 complete specimen AMNH:FI:19892 Rotalia beccariiformis Video 2022-05-20 Restricted Download  
000443363 complete specimen AMNH:FI:19893 Rotalia beccariiformis Video 2022-05-20 Restricted Download  
000444793 AMNH:FI:103853 Triloculina schreiberiana Video 2022-05-27 Restricted Download  
000446444 complete specimen AMNH:FI:107736 Neogloboquadrina dutertrei Video 2022-06-13 Restricted Download  
000442101 complete specimen AMNH:FI:19899 Nuttallinella florealis Video 2022-05-13 Restricted Download  
000442236 complete specimen AMNH:FI:87934 Cibicides fletcheri Video 2022-05-13 Restricted Download  
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