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Evers & Miller. 2023. Collection of crania used for Anatomical Network Analysis. Project ID: 000532554 Public
77 Media · 77 Specimens · Creator: Serjoscha Evers · Managed by: Serjoscha Evers

This is a collection of cranial 3D models used to generate anatomical network matrices, intended as a supplement. The respective publication is currently being submitted for peer-review, and this section will be updated once the paper is published.

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000516117 Cranium oumnh:zc:2017-07-0001 Platysternon megacephalum Mesh 2023-04-18 Restricted Download  
000516110 Cranium usnm:amphibians & reptiles:327960 Carettochelys insculpta Mesh 2023-04-18 Restricted Download  
000516101 Cranium smf:37146 Chelus fimbriatus Mesh 2023-04-18 Open Download  
000516089 Cranium smf:99270 Chelus fimbriatus Mesh 2023-04-18 Open Download  
000516069 Cranium fmnh:uc:1501 Stylemys nebrascensis Mesh 2023-04-18 Restricted Download  
000516020 Cranium pchp:3358 Platysternon megacephalum Mesh 2023-04-18 Open Download  
000516017 Cranium UMMZ:herps:123941 Carettochelys insculpta Mesh 2023-04-18 Restricted Download  
000516014 Cranium and mandible KU:KUH:269218 Caretta caretta Mesh 2023-04-18 Open Download  
000452563 Cranium UF:Herp:53439 Mesoclemmys zuliae Mesh 2022-07-27 Open Download  
000452543 Cranium UF:Herp:21632 Mesoclemmys raniceps Mesh 2022-07-27 Open Download  
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