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Duke Lemur Center cadaveric specimens Team ID: 00000C170 Public
1467 Media · 151 Specimens · Managed by: Erin Ehmke, Fossil Lab

Duke Lemur Center
1467 Media · 151 Objects
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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000368946 whole body dlc:93 (CM116671) Carlito syrichta CT Image Series 2021-06-23 Open Download  
000368796 navicular dlc:2301f Mirza zaza Mesh 2021-06-22 Open Download  
000368735 navicular dlc:360m Mirza zaza Mesh 2021-06-22 Open Download  
000367934 sphenoid bone dlc:6114 Varecia variegata Mesh 2021-06-16 Open Download  
000367929 sphenoid bone dlc:5586 Varecia rubra Mesh 2021-06-16 Open Download  
000367604 dlc: 6661, sphenoid bone dlc:6661 Lemur catta Mesh 2021-06-14 Open Download  
000367599 dlc: 7057, sphenoid bone l-ts:dlc:7057 Lemur catta Mesh 2021-06-14 Open Download  
000360995 navicular dlc:1636m Cheirogaleus medius Mesh 2021-04-28 Open Download  
000360510 navicular dlc:656m Cheirogaleus medius Mesh 2021-04-27 Open Download  
000344918 Talus dlc:1992m Loris tardigradus Mesh 2021-02-16 Open Download  
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