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The Field Museum of Natural History
Field Museum of Natural History (Zoology) Amphibian and Reptile Collection Organization Team Managed

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000113492 Skull FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:218144 Pedostibes tuberculosus Image 2020-03-23 Restricted Download  
000116387 Skull FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:74259 Kladirostratus acutus Image 2020-05-21 Restricted Download  
000165170 axial column, skeletonized FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:22042 Amblyrhynchus cristatus Image 2020-10-12 Restricted Download  
000165183 skeletonized axial column FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:257162 Basiliscus plumifrons Image 2020-10-13 Restricted Download  
000519873 Whole body FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:179041 Kolpophis annandalei Image 2023-05-05 Open Download  
000519876 FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:199263 Hydrophis fasciatus Image 2023-05-05 Open Download  
000519879 Whole body FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:203403 Hydrophis brookii Image 2023-05-05 Open Download  
000519882 Whole body FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:198955 Hydrophis caerulescens Image 2023-05-05 Open Download  
000519889 Whole body FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:202032 Hydrophis curtus Image 2023-05-05 Open Download  
000519914 Whole body FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:202860 Hydrophis ornatus Image 2023-05-05 Open Download  
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