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The Field Museum of Natural History
Field Museum of Natural History (Zoology) Amphibian and Reptile Collection Organization Team Managed

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000429757 Pelvis FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:10134 Teius teyou Mesh 2022-03-09 Restricted Download  
000430305 Pelvis FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:10613 Teius teyou Mesh 2022-03-10 Restricted Download  
000116423 fmnh:amphibians and reptiles:211600 Terrapene carolina Mesh 2020-05-21 Restricted Download  
000412122 Pelvis FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:264653 Agamodon anguliceps Mesh 2022-01-10 Restricted Download  
000116432 fmnh:amphibians and reptiles:211580 Actinemys marmorata Mesh 2020-05-21 Restricted Download  
000373410 Skull (cranium & mandible) fmnh:amphibians and reptiles:22144 Emydoidea blandingii Mesh 2021-08-01 Restricted Download  
000412058 Pelvis FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:264644 Agamodon anguliceps Mesh 2022-01-10 Restricted Download  
000412468 Pelvis FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:264682 Agamodon anguliceps Mesh 2022-01-10 Restricted Download  
000373734 Skull (cranium & mandible) fmnh:amphibians and reptiles:224048 Notochelys platynota Mesh 2021-08-02 Restricted Download  
000421329 Pelvis FMNH:Amphibians and Reptiles:8755 Ophisaurus attenuatus Mesh 2022-02-10 Restricted Download  
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