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AMNH Mammalogy Team ID: 000351307 Public
12200 Media · 1771 Specimens · Managed by: Neil Duncan

AMNH Mammal Collections
12200 Media · 1771 Objects
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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000051156 Cranium amnh:mammals:269633 Tachyoryctes splendens Mesh 2018-06-22 Restricted Download  
000125118 Endocasts amnh:mammals:15062 Urocitellus richardsonii Mesh 2020-07-11 Restricted Download  
000091942 Cranium amnh:mammals:15062 Urocitellus richardsonii Mesh 2019-10-25 Restricted Download  
000125117 Endocasts amnh:mammals:146619 Marmota marmota Mesh 2020-07-11 Restricted Download  
000091930 Cranium amnh:mammals:146619 Marmota marmota Mesh 2019-10-25 Restricted Download  
000125116 Endocasts amnh:mammals:114522 Cynomys ludovicianus Mesh 2020-07-11 Restricted Download  
000091329 Cranium amnh:mammals:114522 Cynomys ludovicianus Mesh 2019-10-21 Restricted Download  
000056377 Cranium amnh:mammals:250026 Tatera indica Mesh 2018-08-10 Restricted Download  
000056182 Cranium amnh:mammals:250025 Rhizomys sumatrensis Mesh 2018-08-07 Restricted Download  
000056355 Cranium amnh:mammals:33277 Spalacopus cyaneus Mesh 2018-08-10 Restricted Download  
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