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University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Colorado Museum of Natural History Paleontology Collections Organization Team Managed
316 Media · 109 Specimens · Managed by: Jacob Van Veldhuizen

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000004070 Astragalus ucm:vertebrate:93768 Anemorhysis pearcei CT Image Series 2014-11-19 Restricted Download  
000004200 Astragalus ucm:vertebrate:60901 Anemorhysis pearcei Image 2014-12-04 Restricted Download  
000003981 Astragalus ucm:vertebrate:62681 Absarokius abbotti CT Image Series 2014-11-13 Restricted Download  
000004204 Astragalus ucm:vertebrate:62681 Absarokius abbotti Image 2014-12-04 Restricted Download  
000004219 Astragalus ucm:vertebrate:93768 Anemorhysis pearcei Image 2014-12-04 Restricted Download  
000067472 left dentary, p3-4 ucm:vertebrate:56898 Tetonoides pearcei CT Image Series 2019-01-24 Restricted Download  
000075804 left dentary, p4-m2 ucm:vertebrate:65084 Copelemur praetutus CT Image Series 2019-04-19 Restricted Download  
000004071 Astragalus ucm:vertebrate:93768 Anemorhysis pearcei Mesh 2014-11-19 Restricted Download  
000003982 Astragalus ucm:vertebrate:62681 Absarokius abbotti Mesh 2014-11-13 Restricted Download  
000001166 Calcaneus ucm:vertebrate:67907 Absarokius sp. Mesh 2013-10-07 Restricted Download  
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