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MCZ Ichthyology Team ID: 000355986 Public
172 Media · 169 Specimens · Managed by: Jon Woodward, Matt Gage, Andrew Williston

MCZ Ichthyology
170 Media · 167 Objects
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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000378799 skeleton MCZ:Ich:26417 Aphanius fasciatus CT Image Series 2021-08-19 Restricted Download  
000378798 skeleton MCZ:Ich:46272 Aplochiton zebra CT Image Series 2021-08-19 Restricted Download  
000375548 skeleton MCZ:Ich:32818 Zoogoneticus zonistius CT Image Series 2021-08-05 Restricted Download  
000375540 skeleton MCZ:Ich:35969 Fundulus confluentus CT Image Series 2021-08-05 Restricted Download  
000374417 skeleton MCZ:Ich:36757 Assessor macneilli CT Image Series 2021-08-04 Restricted Download  
000374410 skeleton MCZ:Ich:35880 Argopleura magdalenensis CT Image Series 2021-08-03 Restricted Download  
000372925 skeleton MCZ:Ich:7238 Astrodoras asterifrons CT Image Series 2021-07-29 Restricted Download  
000372609 skeleton MCZ:Ich:2960 Argentina sphyraena CT Image Series 2021-07-27 Restricted Download  
000364661 skeleton MCZ:Ich:156566 Cypselurus comatus CT Image Series 2021-05-21 Restricted Download  
000364357 skeleton MCZ:Ich:170606 Ogilbyina longipinnis CT Image Series 2021-05-19 Restricted Download  
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