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University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute
KUBI Vertebrate Paleontology Collection Organization Team Managed
100 Media · 31 Specimens · Managed by: K. Christopher Beard, Kristen Tietjen, Megan Sims

Staff of Kansas University Biodiversity Institute's Vertebrate Paleontology department uses this team to manage scans and media associate with their specimens in MorphoSource.

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000542812 Humerus KU:KUVP:87450 Oligomyotis casementi Volumetric Image Series 2023-07-19 Restricted Download  
000527807 Cervical and thoracic vertebrae of specimens KU:KUVP:25472 and KU:KUVP:119673 KU:KUVP:25472 Ichthyornis dispar Volumetric Image Series 2023-05-30 Restricted Download  
000519140 Quadrate ku:kuvp:119673 Ichthyornis sp. Volumetric Image Series 2023-05-01 Restricted Download  
000509690 Quadrate ku:kuvp:119673 Ichthyornis sp. Mesh 2023-03-30 Restricted Download  
000490521 Iniopera concretion ku:kuvp:158289 Iniopera sp. Volumetric Image Series 2023-01-03 Restricted Download  
000478221 Iniopera concretion KU:KUVP:22060 Iniopera sp. Volumetric Image Series 2022-10-28 Restricted Download  
000458325 Ulnar carpal KU:KUVP:2284 Ichthyornis sp. Mesh 2022-08-30 Restricted Download  
000458317 Coracoid sternal KU:KUVP:2284 Ichthyornis sp. Mesh 2022-08-30 Restricted Download  
000458027 Skull ku:kuvp:1034 Mosasaurus missouriensis Mesh 2022-08-28 Restricted Download  
000457621 Humerus KU:KUVP:25469 Ichthyornis sp. Mesh 2022-08-23 Restricted Download  
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