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NHMUK Section of Fossil Mammals Organization Team Managed
16 Media · 16 Specimens · Managed by: Fossil Mammals, Roula Pappa, Christopher Dean

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000387747 brain endocast nhmuk:pv m:25985 b Pterodon dasyuroides Mesh 2021-09-29 Restricted Download  
000170382 Metacarpal 3 nhmuk:pal:pv m (unknown) Equus (plesippus) simplicidens Mesh 2020-12-27 Restricted Download  
000170261 Metacarpal 3 nhmuk:pal:pv or 29744 Palaeotherium magnum Mesh 2020-12-23 Restricted Download  
000170264 Metacarpal 3 nhmuk:pal:pv or 29725 Plagiolophus annectens Mesh 2020-12-23 Restricted Download  
000170270 Metacarpal 3 nhmuk:pal:pv m 2470 Plagiolophus minor Mesh 2020-12-23 Restricted Download  
000170280 Metacarpal 3 nhmuk:pal:pv or 28233 Plagiolophus minor Mesh 2020-12-24 Restricted Download  
000170282 Metacarpal 3 nhmuk:pal:pv or 11896 Palaeotherium crassum Mesh 2020-12-24 Restricted Download  
000170283 Metacarpal 3 nhmuk:pal:pv or 11894 Palaeotherium medium Mesh 2020-12-24 Restricted Download  
000170284 Metacarpal 3 nhmuk:pal:pv or 27561 Palaeotherium crassum Mesh 2020-12-24 Restricted Download  
000170285 Metacarpal 3 nhmuk:pal:pv m 2479 Plagiolophus major Mesh 2020-12-24 Restricted Download  
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