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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000502179 hallucal metatarsal (mt1) ucmp:v:218298 Anemorhysis savagei Mesh 2023-03-10 Restricted Download  
000492783 Humerus UCMP:V:125966 Zaisanamynodon protheroi Mesh 2023-01-19 Open Download  
000487485 Mandible UCMP:V:124942 Barbourofelis fricki Mesh 2022-12-08 Open Download  
000475467 Skull UCMP:V:151251 Entoptychus wheelerensis Mesh 2022-10-19 Open Download  
000475466 Skull UCMP:V:3794 Dusisiren jordani Mesh 2022-10-19 Open Download  
000469412 dentary UCMP:V:316883 Deperetomys sp. Mesh 2022-09-26 Open Download  
000469405 dentary UCMP:V:316883 Deperetomys sp. CT Image Series 2022-09-26 Open Download  
000458063 Skull UCMP:V:122900 Aetiocetus weltoni Mesh 2022-08-29 Open Download  
000452944 partial skull UCMP:V:42446 Diademodon tetragonus CT Image Series 2022-07-29 Open Download  
000432154 carinolatus UCMP:I:131833 Cetopirus polysyrinx Mesh 2022-03-24 Open Download  
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