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University of California Museum of Paleontology Team ID: 000379658 Public
591 Media · 132 Specimens · Managed by: Patricia Holroyd, Jack Tseng

University of California Museum of Paleontology
591 Media · 132 Objects
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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000012460 Dentary ucmp:v:137811 Sauromalus obesus Mesh 2016-05-07 Open Download  
000012429 Lower jaws ucmp:v:141136 Microlophus peruvianus Mesh 2016-05-06 Open Download  
000012421 Dentary ucmp:129880 Laemanctus longipes Mesh 2016-05-05 Open Download  
000012418 Dentary ucmp:v:123051 Iguana iguana Mesh 2016-05-05 Open Download  
000012380 Dentary ucmp:v:137878 Gerrhosaurus major Mesh 2016-05-05 Open Download  
000012220 Dentary ucmp:v:123055 Cyclura cornuta Mesh 2016-05-04 Open Download  
000012209 Lower jaw ucmp:v:141134 Crotaphytus collaris Mesh 2016-05-04 Open Download  
000012134 Dentary ucmp:v:123057 Corytophanes percarinatus Mesh 2016-05-04 Open Download  
000012076 Dentary ucmp:v:137748 Basiliscus vittatus Mesh 2016-04-30 Open Download  
000012073 Premaxilla and maxilla ucmp:v:137167 Amblyrhynchus cristatus Mesh 2016-04-30 Open Download  
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